Welcome to Aurora Bath and Jewels...greet the dawn!

Since 1995, Aurora Bath has created beautiful handcrafted aromatherapy soaps, candles and natural bath products for visionaries of the new millennium! From my own personal spiritual beliefs combining years of studies in Tibetan Buddhism, yoga, Native American shamanism and my childhood roots in Catholicism, come the basis of inspiration for my products. Having been particularly intrigued by the myth of Aurora, Roman goddess of the dawn who symbolizes new beginnings, the dawn of the new millennium, spirituality, inner beauty, love, light and truth (concepts so needed in this day and age, particularly in DC!), I have created combinations of fragrances and products with a sense of integrity and a bit of humor. I incorporate these ideals into my life, reflect them through my business and pass onto my customers.

My collection is created in the Nation's Capitol, where I sell on most weekends at Eastern Market, the oldest food and art market in Washington, DC (the original was dedicated by Thomas Jefferson!) and at other local and national venues. All of my products are made by hand in small batches from the finest ingredients to assure quality and that “home made feel”. Currently I offer between 10-15 different scents in both soaps and candles. Of particular success and interest have been my Capitol Cherry Blossom soaps and candles, which make THE perfect souvenir from Washington! Gorgeously wrapped and beautifully scented with spring flowers, these treats are compact enough for the suitcase, as tourists love taking them home, while locals folks and brides particularly, love offering them to their out of town guests as a “gift of DC spirit.”

As a soap and candle artist, I feel what makes my products unique is my personal creativity and artistry. I hope you will enjoy your purchase and come back often. It's my pleasure to offer you the best of my creative spirit. Thank you!

With light,

Kim Downes


Aurora Bath and Jewels can be found every weekend, Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Eastern Market, 7th Street, SE, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC.

Washington National Cathedral Flower Mart. Friday May 1st and Saturday May 2nd.


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